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Quick Queries:

'Quick Query' Custom Reports!

network coast-to-coast from your desk on 70 of your highest-priority topics

APC maintains an extensive database of information on our over 400 member schools and their alumni programs. A Quick Query Report delves deeply into this database for you, pulling out only the schools that match your needs.

Use APC's new 'Quick Query'™ reports, our low-cost snapshots that list the APC schools with programs you want to find out more about. You'll network easily, coast-to-coast, on more than 70 of your highest-priority topics.
It's this easy:

1) Choose your topic, fill out the form, and order your Quick Query report. Most mail the same day!
2) From the report, select the schools you want to contact, prepare your script of questions, and start networking! Quick Queries includes the name, phone, fax & email of your collegial counterpart at every school listed, as well as the city, state, number of students, number of reachable alums, and codes for grades, day/boarding, and girls/boys/coed.

Sample Script for phone, fax, or mail: "Hi, this is (Your Name) at (Your School) in (City/State). We APC members and we ordered a Quick Query Report on schools that (have reunion handbooks, etc.); (Your School) was on the list. I'd like to talk with you about it either now or at a time that's convenient for you. If you have an extra copy, we would love a copy."
We'll do the search, you'll get the information you need.
List of topics:
"Changed schools"; schools that

1. have merged
2. have gone from single sex to coed
3. have a major anneversary 1998-2005

About Schools' Alumni Associations/Boards

4. formed since 1990
5. staff/activities not funded by school
6. new mission statement since 1/97
7. new bylaws since 1/97
8. formal long-range plan
9. professionally-led retreat since 1/97
10. alumni president is voting trustee
11. Students on alumni board
12. college-age alums on alumni board
13. charge annual dues
14. mailed survey/questionnaire since 1/97 15. Alumni(ae) Board of Visitors
16. archive of alumni memorabilia


> schools that
17. have class agent handbook/manual
18. use alumni as phonathon volunteers
19. use students as phonathon volunteers
20. use telemarketers for phonathons
> alumni directory
21. compiled in-house (database/dtp)
22. contracted with publishing company
23. sent to all alumni, free of charge
> alumni home page on school Website
24. alums can post information directly
25. staff can post/update in real time, no HTML
> schools that find lost alumni via
26. internet
27. parents
28. CD-ROM
29. alumni
30. advertisements

Annual Fund: schools with

31. % range of alumni participation (specify)___
32. 'targeted' or 'designated' categories
33. current students asked to donate

General Fundraising: schools with

34. reunion giving handbook/manual
35. planned giving program
36. credit card affinity program
37. affinity program for books, uniforms, ect.

  Fundraising Events and Amount Raised

38. Auction (silent or oral)
39. Book Fair
40. Golf outing
41. Decorator Showcase
42. Follies
43. Art show

On-Campus Reunions; schools with

44. simultaneous reunion and homecoming
45. shared reunion activities wiht our schools
46. reunion handbook/manual for volunteers

Career Mentoring & Networking

47. alumni participate in career day for students
48. students/alumni mentoring program
49. alumni/alumni mentoring program


50. alumni 'downtown club' (talks/meetings)
51. program for parents of graduates
52. program for African American alums
53. program for Gay/lesbian alums
54. program for Asian alums
55. program for Hispanic alums

Off campus group alumni activities

56. a cruise
57. New York or other theater trip
58. wine country tour (US or abroad)

Program outreach to non-local alums:

> schools that
59. have regional alumni reps
60. have regional alumni chapters
61. have regional alumni events
62. collaborative regional events w/other schools
> schools that gather alums where they live
63. for nationally televised events(such as Super Bowl, World Series)
64. for cultural events in their cities
65. for games of their cities' pro teams
> schools that alumni events in
66. Asia
67. Europe
68. S. America

Office/staff profiles

69. range of staff size (specify)___
70. alum staff person is alum of the school
71. alum staff person had prior college position